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Note :- Candidates qualifying MBA CET of YCMOU not necessarily mean that he/she is eligible to get admission to first year MBA. He/She must fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the prospectus. Candidates are advised to study the prospectus thoroughly before applying for CET.

Please Read All Section details carefully before Registration.

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                                      MBA Entrance Examination 2023
Instruction: Only those candidates will be considered
eligible to attempt mock or final examination who have completed application
process including payment of fees.

Online exam - 
Basic instructions with rules and regulations to be
1.  The exam will be conducted in truly online mode from
any location suitable for him/her 

2.  Broadband Internet connectivity of minimum 1 Mbps
speed is required throughout the exam period.
3.  It is compulsory for the candidate to attempt the mock test at least once in order to
get accustom to the exam interface and ensure that everything works on the
Laptop/computer used for Mock Test. It is necessary that the Computer/Laptop
and system used for the Mock Test shall be used for the Final examination. 
4.Internet –  Minimum Broadband Internet connectivity with speed of 256 Kbps or above
5. Continuous and stable supply of electricity and internet.

6.  The exam can be attempted after successful registration of https://ycmou.formsubmit.in.

7. Using Web camera is mandatory to attempt online exam. Web camera should be connected to the PC/Laptop/Andriod Phones on which the exam is being attempted and it
should be always in ON state.

8. Candidate should position him/herself in front web camera appropriately with his/her face being clearly visible & s/he should ensure that s/he is being properly
recorded by the web camera throughout the exam.
9. Please ensure that the face is clearly visible in the web camera preview window.
10.  Ensure that the surrounding area of the candidate is well illuminated for clear visibility.
11.  If the web camera is disconnected from the PC/Laptop any time during the exam, then exam will stop immediately. The exam can be started only when web cam is connected again & then exam will start from the point where it had stopped earlier.

12.  The candidate should ensure that during the exam no other person should be present around him and if anybody gets captured in the web camera preview. Candidate will be disqualified if any such activity is recorded.

13.  Following activities are strictly prohibited during the exam: (a) Use of any electronic devices, (Calculator, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc.) Stationery items like textual material (b) Use of Tele- communication devices like Mobile, Phone, Head
phones, Bluetooth Earphones, Pager, Health Band etc.

14. The Candidate may use pen/pencil and blank sheet of paper for solving questions
under quantitative aptitude and wherever necessary.

15. It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to be properly dressed during the online
examination and be mindful of the fact that a video recording is being done.
The candidate should ensure a proper posture and also place the camera
correctly so that there is no indecent exposure.

16. The action and movement performed by the candidate on the exam window interface
will be recorded throughout the exam duration. Also, candidate’s continuous
live recording shall happen while attempting the exam. The IP address of your
computer will also be recorded during the exam.

17. This recorded information will be used only for the purpose of ensuring fairness and
transparency in conduction of the exam & this recording will be solely used for the purpose of monitoring the exam.

18.  The recorded data will be automatically uploaded to server during and after the completion of the exam.
19.  Make sure that there is no noise at the background during the exam.
20. While attempting the examination, no other application or webpage should be opened
except provided exam software. Exam’s secured browser will not allow you to navigate to any other window than the exam software.

21.  Switching, minimizing or closing the exam window is not allowed during the exam.
22.  After the candidate starts the examination it will end automatically after the
stipulated time elapses provided the candidate must be logged in to the exam
system during the time elapses.

23.  If Candidate closes the exam window without ending the test or before the stipulated time is over, his/her result will not be considered for further process.

24.  Once the examination time is over, he/she will not be able to attempt it again.
25.  Candidate needs to complete the exam in mentioned time only. Extension in time beyond stipulated time is not allowed.

26.  If candidate is using his computer/laptop then availability of the hardware, software, Broadband Internet & power backup at the time of the exam is the sole responsibility of the
candidate and YCMOU will not be responsible for any delay in the exam due to failure of the above mentioned resources at the candidate’s end. No time extension shall be given in any case and no such calls will be entertained.
Hence candidate should ensure and plan the availability of alternate resources
accordingly. The expenses incurred for making the above setup ready for the exam shall be borne by the candidate themselves.

27.  If due to any reason, the computer/laptop shuts down or the exam window gets closed, the candidate can re-login and can continue with the exams. For instance, if candidate has started giving the exam at 9:30 a.m. and at 9:45 a.m., s/he had a problem and the system hung, then s/he can re-start computer/laptop, re-login and continue
the exam. But  the above option  will work only till  the stipulated time of the examination ends.

28. If due to any reason, the computer/laptop shuts down or the exam window gets closed,
the candidate’s displayed question will be automatically changed and a new question will appear on the screen instead of an earlier displayed question.

29.  There is NO negative marking in the examination.
30.  YCMOU in its sole discretion may disqualify the candidate if the candidate fails to follow the pre-examination instructions or causes a breach in the terms and conditions of online examination or has supplied false or incorrect or incomplete information, or for any other reason the department finds appropriate.